Cyclists Threaten Tasering Pedestrians In The Bike Lane…



The “trained seals” are at it again. Never mind that they get insulted when someone chastises them for running red lights or blowing through stop signs, when someone else uses “their lane” all heck breaks loose. Would that this group had the nerve to be as self-righteous with itself.

So the thread begins on ChainLink as follows:

Are pedestrians allowed in the Kinzie bike lane?
Posted by Christine Price on October 22, 2012

On the East bound side there is no sidewalk for a portion of the lane, but there is a sidewalk on the other side of the street. Sometimes there’s pedestrians there; this morning it was a person with a water bottle getting their power walking in.

I’m I correct in thinking that she should have been on the other side of the street, on the sidewalk? Or are pedestrians welcome in the protected lane?

… and what’s the legality of lance-mounted tasers? Because I totally want one now. Ugh.

You read that correctly. The idea of tasering others is being proposed. This is the sort of stuff that thoroughly infuriates me. This is evidence that this group does not understand how it sounds outside its small, narrow-minded coven. What makes this really interesting is that no one bothers to “correct” this sort of implied brutality. They simply let it slide.

Reply by Clint H 14 hours ago
As a matter of law, the answer is, “Who knows?” As a matter of practicality, the answer is that pedestrians will go wherever they want to go, because the police who regularly conduct bicycle stings on Kinzie will never tell a pedestrian not to. Joggers and power walkers and people with giant mega strollers see protected lanes as an extension of their sidewalk. You just have to get used to it.

Reply by Mark Beard-Witherup 13 hours ago

I ran into a woman on that stretch earlier in the summer around 3AM (on my way to work.) She was totally dressed in black save a white coffee mug, which broke when I sideswiped her. Just didn’t see her until I was four feet away…then she yelled at ME! I tried to explain that the walking part was on the other side of the street, but she wasn’t in a listening/learning mood. She wasn’t hurt, from what she yelled but it scared the hell out of me.

That stretch in both directions often has walkers in the bike lane so beware.


Now I have to wonder what sort of biking skills you have that a pedestrian cannot be seen by you until four feet away? That then begs the question how on earth do these cyclists expect to avoid getting doored if their vision or perhaps their attentiveness is that poor?

No need to reply I already know the answer. These are rolling boxes of rocks.

Reply by notoriousDUG 12 hours ago

They should not be there but they are entitled morons to lazy to cross to the other side of the street where there is a sidewalk.

The part that I think is interesting is how few of them would walk out in the street in car traffic but feel perfectly OK walking in bike traffic; only self preservation prevents ignorant behavior.

Reply by Cheryl 12 hours ago

Yes. And I always find this so interesting in light of all of the wailing by pedestrians in the comments to any bicycle news item about a friend’s aunt’s cousin who was hit and killed by a bicyclist.

Reply by h’ 11 hours ago

I don’t see this lane on a typical day, but if this is a regular occurance I would take it to mean the same thing that it means when you see cyclists riding on the sidewalk– that there’s an infrastructure need that’s not being met.

The last respondent is attempting to offer a bit of “adult” insight into the conversation. But you know that these cyclists are not ones to even be cordial to their own:

Reply by notoriousDUG 11 hours ago

You mean a sidewalk?

It’s there on the other side of the street; people are just to lazy/stupid to cross the street and use it. It is not a lack of infrastructure it is that people are ignorant.

I guess, if you wanted to stir the pot, you could bitch there is no sidewalk on the south side of the street but there is also no room of a sidewalk, bike lane and the actual road itself…

Reply by h’ 11 hours ago

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to weaken your “people suck” message.

Carry on.

Now one has to wonder by the Active Transportation Alliance even bothered taking on that name. It implies that their mission is to provide a voice for pedestrians, cyclists and those taking public transportation. But clearly from the tenor of this thread only bicyclists count. Everyone else is “raining on their parade”. Maybe the ATA could just drop the word Alliance from their name and that might be more truthful.

Everyone but cyclists either need education, tasering or perhaps a concentration camp where the miscreants can be rounded up and done away with. I get all warm and fuzzy whenever I read this sort of thread. It gives me hope that should funding ever get really tight motorists and pedestrians alike will not mind chipping in to pay for bicycle infrastructure which only cyclists can use.

One has to wonder whether the Open Streets events of the past summer were a bit of a lie. If you think back the streets were open and bicycles, pedestrians, roller bladders, skateboarders and others were all out having a great time in the same huge lane. Sure it was not as well laid out as might have been expected given that the Active Transportation Alliance was doing the planning (stretches were too narrow for my taste when the traffic was passing sites like the skateboard demonstration area).

But at no time was it ever pointed out that the streets are really only for bicyclists and cars, “everybody else should get the heck out of the way”. Guess there needs to be a set of handouts delivered to the people on foot next year notifying them that when not cleared from the bike lanes they should expect to get tasered.

But what would the upcoming thread about a cyclist getting tasered by a motorist or a pedestrian read like? The screaming and threatening would reach a crescendo not heard on that forum for sure. The next Critical Mass Ride would have re-enactments of the tasering by the nasty despicable human who dared threaten God’s crowning achievement “the urban cyclist” and every media outlet would have been hailed by some one of the “trained seals” to witness the barbarity of society against the finest specimens of humanity ever to grace the urban landscape.

That should keep things lively on the ChainLink for another year.