Whalon Lake Loop Ride – 21 Oct 2012


DuPage River Trail Marker at Whalon Lake

We decided at the last minute to ride the Whalon Lake Loop. The weather was spectacular and the sky was fairly free of clouds. We did a loop of the Lake before heading out onto the River Front Trail. As we looped the lake we noticed kayaks and many flat bottom bass boats out for perch.

The first leg took us past the baseball diamond where two teams were in the midst of a game. Overhead a small fixed wing aircraft made its way south flying close enough to grab everyone’s attention. The path through the woods was awesome. All of the fall foliage is still vibrant though many of the leaves have fallen. Nevertheless the view through that section of the woods is spectacular.

Out on Knoch Knolls Road we spy the planting of leafy green vegetables at the McDonald’s Farm. There appears to be row after row of kale, spinach and other yummy looking plants. It appears that the rows go on for at least a 100 yards or more.

By the time we reach the new washrooms along the main stem of the trail we have been riding for about 40 minutes. Along the trail the vegetation is also quite vibrant. The sumac is bright red and there are many trees with orange and yellow hues that make everything look like a Norman Rockwell painting.

In downtown Naperville we take a side street over to the Chipotle for luncheon. Lots of glass at one intersection. I decided then an there to avoid coming back the same way after we had eaten.

We dined on vegetarian burritos with lots of guacamole. All of which is washed down with Izzi carbonated drinks. Then it is back into the traffic and up the steep hill past the North Central radio station before heading back into the subdivision that will take us towards the trail head.

By the time we reach Whalon Lake again it is getting on towards 4:00 PM. I spot the orange Greenspeed Glide of Dr. Parton as he races around the lake. We waves and we pass him a second time as he laps us.

Back at the van we pack up the bikes and head out in search of some Jamba Juice acai toppers. Then we make one quick stop to pick up a replacement battery for my cyclometer. It turns out that the battery was completely dead. Wow!

A quick configuration of the cyclometer and all is well. A very nice ride on a spectacular day.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 20.1 miles
Time: 2h 31m 03s