Serious About Safety

18 October 2012

Source: BikeyFace

What every bike commuter knows is that safety is a complicated issue. They face it every day. However, some safety campaigns focus entirely on helmets. But that means there’s been a crash. What if it could have been prevented? Wouldn’t that be safer?

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Serious About Safety
Causal and Contributing Factors

There’s many points along the way where an individual, a community, and a city, can prevent more tragedies from happening. Helmet or not, when you put a car against a vulnerable road user, you know who the victim will be. Cities need to get real about safety. No excuses.

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  1. Kudos to BikeyFace for NOT taking the “Cyclists as Victims” route on the subject of Bike Safety. Too much of the cycling community blather on forums in the Chicago area focus on laying blame each and every time on motorists. There is very little ever said about the RESPONSIBILITIES of cyclists, only their RIGHTS.

    We definitely need more education of the Vehicular Cycling type to augment the increased use of the roads that greater infrastructure will hopefully bring. Keep up the good work!

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