Critical Mass Safety – Elm City Cycling

Source: Elm City

Peace in the Streets

Simple rules for a great event.
Please help all cyclists by copying, reproducing, and distributing this flyer. Thank You. 

  1. Elm City Cycling – Critical Mass Logo

    Yield to all emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

  2. Be aware of the type of ride. If riding in procession with a police escort blocking side traffic for the mass, you may pass through lights and stop signs. If riding without an escort, obey all stop signs, stop lights, and other rules of the road. When in doubt, obey the usual rules of the road.
  3. Do not antagonize pedestrians or motorists, either verbally or physically. If a motorist is confronting you, do not escalate the situation. Speak softly and calmly, and explain that this is a peaceful protest.
  4. Some accidents and arguments will happen. Don’t join in confrontations with others. Try to defuse tension whenever possible.
  5. Do not block any cars that in turn, block the mass. Letting these cars pass will lead to a smoother, safer ride. Please let trapped pedestrians pass. You might help them by escorting them across the road.
  6. Talk to drivers. Explain why you participate in Critical Mass, and let them know others cycle for many reasons: to bring attention to everyday transportation problems such as steadily increasing congestion, to promote cycling and mass transit, to improve the environment, and for fun.
  7. If you witness a crime by another rider or motorist, notify the police so they may deal with it accordingly.
  8. Don’t be a hero. You are not invincible, and an angry motorist in a car creates a dangerous situation for everyone.
  9. Relax and enjoy the ride.
  10. Encourage other riders to do the same.