Roll it Forward

Source: BostonBikes

The Roll It Forward initiative is a project of Mayor Menino’s Boston Bikes program and the Boston Public Health Commission. Funded by a stimulus grant from the National Institutes of Health, the project seeks to make cycling a more accessible transportation option for low-income communities. By distributing bicycles and providing proper bike safety education, the Roll it Forward program promotes a healthier lifestyle of increased physical activity and fewer trips by car. The bikes from the program serve as a family’s first step in adopting cycling as an ongoing activity for health and convenience.

The Goal

Roll It Forward continues to collect, repair, and distribute hundreds of bikes to Boston’s neighborhoods throughout 2012. Help the effort by donating your old bike(s).

Safety Education

Every recipient of a bicycle from this program will be fitted with a helmet and will be required to demonstrate safe bicycle handling skills. Roll It Forward has partnered with the long-time bicycle education and advocacy group� Bikes Not Bombs to provide hands-on demonstrations of safe and courteous cycling and proper bike fit. Bikes Not Bombs also provides further education on bike mechanical skills to anyone interested in learning more about their new bike.

Donations and Repair

Many bikes collected by the program may not be in full working order at the time they are donated. Roll It Forward has partnered with several of the best local bicycle shops to ensure that each bike that comes out of this program is safe and ready to ride. You could get valuable discounts by donating your bike through one of our shop partners. Visit the partners page to learn more.

Bike Distribution

This is a program for Boston residents of all ages, not just kids. We’re therefore looking for bikes of all shapes and sizes. We have partnered with many local agencies and groups to ensure that bicycles are distributed to people who have a need and who will use their bicycles. We’re working with local public schools, youth programs, and the Boston Housing Authority to ensure bikes and education go to where the need is greatest. If you work with a program in the City of Boston that would like to partner with us to receive bicycles, contact our community programs.