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Reply by Jamais716 25 minutes ago

To the car that ran a red light on Canal at Adams at 9pm- I’m very glad my new bike came with disc brakes and extra spidey senses. Your light had been red for at least 30 seconds and we were both approaching our respective crosswalks at about the same speed. If I hadn’t noticed that you did not seem to be stopping at yours, I would have been plastered across your hood and very angry that you broke my new bike. Please get both your vision and hearing checked since you didn’t even slow as the bright flashing light on my bike stopped 2 feet from your car and I screamed at you.

That was my first close call in 5 years of commuting to the loop. I really am happy about my disc brakes because I don’t know if the brakes on my old bike would’ve stopped in time.

Rolling Stops?

I get very tired of the self-righteousness of ChainLinkers when it comes to automobiles that run red lights. I get tired of reading about the countless pedestrian vs. motorist or cyclist vs. motorist incidents cited on this forum. Why?

Because when there is something that appears to violate the very narrow narrative of the Bicycle Movements take on things they simply ignore it altogether. That means when a priest pays for running a red light with his life, no mention. That means when a cyclist in San Francisco plows through a pedestrian walkway and kills a man, no mention. That means when a Critical Mass Rider on a “brakeless fixie” plows into a wall and kills himself, no mention.

It’s as if the embarrassing stuff never happened. Are we that insecure that we cannot fail to “fess up” when we do something wrong?

Just the other night I watched the Pilot episode of a series (now yanked) called Made In Jersey.

For a ChainLinker this would be a very bad series to allow on the air. It goes against the cyclist as victim narrative. Unfortunately the clip is not complete. The cyclist (a messenger perhaps) is riding with earphones inserted and is heading the wrong way down a one way street. Definitely not the kind of thing a good ChainLinker would countenance having broadcast all over the internet.

We must always, but always couch ourselves as the innocent victims, never as aggressors. Otherwise how can we ever justify all that fancy infrastructure that we want?

For any ChainLinker to ever, and I mean ever write a complaint about an automobile not obeying the stop lights is “rich”. Of all the violations that seem to be enjoyed by the ChainLink crowd the two most often indulged in are:

  • Blowing stop signs (we treat them as YIELD signs)
  • Running Red Lights (and we do it with style and panache)

The moment I begin to read about ChainLinkers honestly discussing our sins, that will be the day I sit up and say with a sigh of relief, “finally”.