Morton Arboretum : Fall Color and Scarecrow Trail 2012


Scarecrow Trail Around Meadow Lake

Much of the Chicagoland area has been blanketed with wet weather and high winds this weekend. Today the temperatures reached into the 70s and so we decided to see the remainder of the Morton Arboretum Fall Color Show before the leaves are gone. We got a bonus in that there was a Scarecrow Trail installation (around Meadow Lake) going on as well.

Connie took the bulk of the photos today so she get the signature credit. It was a wonderful day to be out shooting and it would seem by the number of others doing the same that this is a fair assumption.

If you have not had an opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum and you have children you really owe it to them and yourself to make the trip. The exhibits each season are spectacular and the grounds are immaculate.

Besides DuPage County needs the tourist dollars!

When you are done visiting the grounds there are places to eat in the main center. Not far away are some nice ethnic restaurants like Naf Naf Grill. Beer World is across the parking lot from Naf Naf and judging by the cars parked outside it is doing a booming business.

Later this year there will also be sled dog demonstrations and ice sculpture contests. The fun never seems to end!