Physics Wins Again (UPDATES)

Source: Second City Cop

Biker versus semi-tractor flatbed:

Chicago City Flag

Someone with “a lot of close calls” is either a (A) shit magnet or (B) a problem biker.  Knowing bicyclists as we do, we’re going to guess B.  And we’re also going to guess that Rahm or his minions use this death as justification for the 600 miles of bike lanes (at $140,000 per mile) that are currently choking traffic, commerce and emergency response times across the entire city.

UPDATE: Sometimes we don’t even know why we bother to point things out to the ignorant assholes that “read” here.  To all of the reading challenged morons, could you point out where we wish death on any cyclist, make fun of the dead guy, anything like that?  Because we’re missing it.

We rightfully point out that a person versus a multiple-ton vehicle isn’t exactly a fair fight.  We quote a news article.  We venture the opinion that, based on our experience as a motorist, bicyclist and observer of human behavior, that the likely causes of the accident are two-fold, the second being the most likely one BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCES AND OBSERVATIONS.  Then we point out that Rahm “Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste” Emanuel and his ilk are likely to play this a certain way.  What’s the problem?

In 30-plus years of biking, from big wheels, to ten-speeds to mountain bikes, we can barely recall instances of bikes coming to complete stops at signs or traffic lights, ourselves included.  It just isn’t drilled into people here.  It’s part of why we stopped street biking years ago.  And the so-called “bike lanes” seem to play into the immunity bikers feel from the laws of physics, traffic law and general polite behavior on the roads.

Stop attributing words, thoughts or deeds that were never posted by us to us.  As for the comments, one half bitches if we let something through, the other half bitches if we censor something.  Can’t have it both ways. So direct your stupidity at the proper target.  Asshats.

UPDATE II: Ridiculed what asshat?  We still don’t see it and you’re still an ignorant reading challenged  moron.  A judgement call based on years of experience isn’t ridiculing anything.


There are sometimes when Karma is manifest. Second City Cop’s blog is just that where the ChainLink crowd is concerned. It reads as one-sided as much of the ChainLink discussions do (from my point of view). ChainLinkers are not quite as good at taking the kind of stuff they dish out. Aw, so sorry!

Here are some responses to this blog entry as written by a few of the ChainLink faithful:

Reply by Daniel G 1 hour ago

Does this absolutely need to be posted?

My advice is to skip this one, chainlinkers. For once, the article is actually worse than the comments.

Worthless fucking brutes. Admission of such childish hate should be grounds for an ankle bracelet.

Reply by Zoetrope 50 minutes ago

Cameron, you post here a lot. Judging by the amount of posts I see authored by you here, I think it’s safe to assume you belong to maybe one or two other message boards on the internet. Point is, you must know how the internet works by now.

That said, it’s a bit odd to see people like you and Joe ( I haven’t seen him post as much as you) fall for such an obvious example of trolling. It doesn’t take a genius to realize a blog like this, which doesn’t provide the authors/”Cops” name, is clearly trying to get a reaction out of people and nothing more. Unless your aim is to give The Chainlink page views, you’re doing no one a favor by re-posting that here. Either way, big time fail. Joe, same goes to you.

Reply by Joe Willis 14 minutes ago

I merely posted this to give you a Idea of the overal feeling of CPD toward cycling in general.

The most meaningful of the three responses (for me) is the one by Zoetrope. My first few encounters with the ChainLink Community left me wondering if much of what was written about motorists, suburbanites and cops was meant to make the cycling community in general “look bad” or was simply a “spoofing”. It turns out that there is a very real animus between ChainLinkers and cops.

Reply by Justin B Newman 6 hours ago

Having read SCC from time to time… in my opinion, if SCC is truly representative of all of CPD, we have bigger problems than the attitude towards cycling. I’m inclined to believe this is not the case.

Just as we don’t want all cyclists judged by the idiots among us, we probably shouldn’t judge all 12k+ of the CPD by SCC.


One of the “adults” finally steps in. These sorts of level-headed responses are far too few. And you can always count on the resident doofus to say something really inane. Here is an example:

Reply by James BlackHeron 3 hours ago

Cops gonna cop.

It adds nothing and is a bit obscure “to boot”. Why did he bother? If we were sitting around a negotiating table this sort of nonsense would hardly do more than rile the “opposition” and prolong the discussion because someone was sure to get their feathers ruffled. But hey, if you are a “sovereign individual” (some of the same clap-trap they spout in survivalist camps in the northwest) then all bets are off as to what you have the “freedom” to spout.

What is ironic however is that given all the name calling (of suburban areas) that has gone on by seasoned writers on this forum these guys still make pilgrimages to pubs and camping areas in the ‘burbs without batting an eyelash. Why the disconnect?

And it takes just a few minutes of reading blog entries about motorists when an accident occurs to realize that there is little if any sympathy for motorists who are largely viewed as the “spawn of Satan” and their chosen method of transportation as the “bane of human existence”.

I keep wondering whether any of these folks who are carnivores would take kindly to having a vegan (like myself) suddenly espousing hatred of them because they don’t agree with me? I suppose that those who are vegans would applaud but this group appears to be largely composed of heavy drinkers who love their Buffalo wings and pizzas. So I would probably get the “cold shoulder”.

The Need for A Coding Rewrite? Nope. “Right Church, Wrong Pew“.

I note that Julie Hochstadter is currently soliciting responses to a questionnaire posted on the site. I read through the survey and found it steeped in leading questions that did not make room for the kinds of responses I would have liked to give. So I will instead respond here:

  • ChainLink is like its counterpart in Critical Mass a “missed opportunity”. It caters to a very small subset of the individuals who are supposed to be members. The views espoused on this site are pretty “hard core”. There is little room for anything that appears to differ from that core set of values that are suppose to define “urban cycling”. It always get the feeling when reading the threads that there is an element resembling the “Conservative Christianity” that I grew up knowing. Very biased towards its world view and certainly dismissive of motorists. The most prevalent theme there is “us versus the world”.There is a tinge of snobbery where suburbanites are concerned. Yet the folks they hold up as key individuals in the fight to secure bicycle infrastructure are indeed suburbanites from places like Oak Park. The group has said on more than one occasion that any experience of traffic riding that does not equate with what is encountered in the city limits is really not valid since their daily commutes are far more dangerous. But few of these knuckleheads knows the real truth. It “puts the lie” to their assertion that theirs is the only valid experience of real traffic danger.
  • ChainLinks real problem is the “Lord of the Flies” tactic they employ when trying to deal with anyone they view as a threat to the narrative of how the world works. Until such time as they can find a way to be self-policing they will always mirror the negative, snarky tone of the Second City Cop and will always find him more objectionable than themselves. But the basis for this “chaos in online print” is the fear that being apart from the herd is somehow to be a traitor. If you step out of line they will indeed smack you down. If you offer stark and real criticism of guys like Gabe they will kick you off the forum. He can say any manner of thing he wishes about entire sections of the city while anyone objecting to that approach is viewed as a liability. That is what makes this forum ChainLink) such a very big disappointment.
  • The problem with the ChainLink has very little if anything to do with the structure of the code which drives the platform. Instead it has everything to do with the mindset of the people who inhabit it. Somehow they have taken on a “Jonestown” ethos that is certain to make it very difficult for anyone who is willing to compromise with motorists and others to get things done. It is all too reminiscent of the silliness that invaded the GOP when it decided that the very best thing it could do for the four years of Obama’s first term in office was to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. When that did not work they decided to vilify. You can only call motorists names for a while before you have to answer the question “Why are you concerned that someone is parked in the bicycle lane, while you show no objections to running stop lights and blowing past stop signs?”

When the ChainLink can get past the insular mentality it now displays that will be a sign that things are changing for the better. Forget the code reworking as that is a waste of time (from my point of view).