More ChainLink-style Lunacy On Display


Heading back from Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park today and encountered three (3) hipster cyclists on what looked to be perhaps fixies riding “hell bent for leather” in the west bound lane of North Ave. I was in the middle lane at the intersection (waiting for the light) when they passed us.

As the traffic began to move two of them were riding on the white line between my lane and the righthand lane. The third rider was hugging the curb to the right of the righthand lane. I would guess they were traveling at 20 MPH or more. As the light changed the traffic began to move and the two riding in the middle cut in front of a blue Ford 150 pickup truck as it was underway and then did a “right hook” in front of the third rider heading north on Central Park Avenue!

Had any of the first two been injured it would have been less severe than had the traffic already been up to speed. But just ask yourself what motorists must think of cyclists when they see this sort of thing on an all too routine basis. And how the heck does the cycling community in Chicago expect to have any “street credibility” when it holds a vigil for a cyclist who has been killed in traffic when this is the type of behavior they see?

We really need to get off the amphetamines and lose the attitude. The street is not a place to hold alley cat races on a Sunday afternoon when traffic is present. Grow up!