Lakefront Trail Ride 30-Sep-2012


47th Street Beach House Flag

Like yesterday the sky was blue and the air brisk. We rode from the La Rabida Children’s Hospital parking lot to the Museum Campus area and then headed inland to the Downtown section of Chicago’s Loop area. The Native Foods Cafe is just across from the main post office (along the west side). Afterwards we retraced our steps and arrived back at the van in time to head up to Wicker Park’s Native Foods Cafe for a very late luncheon.

I noted yesterday that there are all sorts of new sculptures along the lakefront. Today I we saw another on the northwest corner of Soldier Field and there was even a newly painted washroom just south of the 57th Street underpass. Next time we do the lakefront I will attempt to document the new sculptures (most of which lie to the north).

(Note: The flag flying over the 47th Street Beach House was a poignant reminder of the political divide this country faces. This is the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. It cost one president his very life. His party has decided to swap positions with those who opposed and sought the death of that president. Sadly the photograph should be titled “E Unum Pluribus”. It is as racially divided as ever it was and sadly the very religious group (Evangelicals) who galvanized the movement to end slavery have themselves become the most racist of religious groups. And if racially disharmony was not enough they are among the most outspoken opponents of Islam imaginable. Were it not for them the movie trailer that has already cost the lives of three Americans (among which was our ambassador to Libya) the Middle East might have been quieter than it is now. But my religious group had to decide to poke the sleeping beast and seems to relish the outcome. Very sad indeed.)

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 19.6 miles
Time: 2h 15m 00s