North Shore Century 2012


Glencoe Rest Stop for 25 Mile Route

The North Shore Century is one of a handful of rides we do each year. We were torn between trying to ride the 50 mile route and still getting back to Naperville to see (and possibly ride with) Grant Petersen (think Rivendell Bikes) who was doing a book signing at the Anderson Book Shop across from the Apple Store. But even after deciding to change our plans and settling upon the 25 mile route we still were not able to get there in time. Connie did score a signed copy of his book, “Just Ride” but aside from that we saw only a display bike he had brought along but did not wait for the group to return at some undetermined time. Bummer!

The 25 mile route was actually fairly nice. A bit different that the one we rode a year or so ago and to my mind an improvement. Never a dull moment because the route was so “twisty-turny”. Our Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas did the trick today. It was pretty chilly and riding behind the front fairing made this a bit more tolerable.

By the time we got back to the van it was time to eat so we did and hoped that the ride in Naperville was not already underway. But it had shoved off around 1 PM and so we were disappointed. If you have not done the North Shore Century this is a ride that should be on your list. The scenery is large estate-like homes in very nice areas. It is a real treat for the “home lovers”. Even the lawn sculptures are great!

We both purchased t-shirts as mementoes of the ride. They look quite warm and will make the long cold winter days more bearable.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 27.3 miles
Time: 2h 56m 38s