Getting dressed while riding a bicycle (Netherlands)

Published on Aug 18, 2012 by 

The Dutch are known for doing just about anything while they ride their bikes. Talking in their mobile phones or even texting can be seen a lot. But this is different!

After a day at the city beach a guy suddenly realizes that he is still bare chested and town is approaching. It seems only appropriate to put on a shirt. Stopping to do that would of course be the smart thing to do, but that is not an option for this guy. He puts on his shirt while he is riding his bike. It is helpful that there is no other traffic than bicycles on this cycle path, and he must be riding his bike all his life, but still, not the smartest thing to do… and don’t try this at home!

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Response To The Video

It should be clear from the comments made by the videographer that what is commonplace in Bicycle Heaven is not quite what we Yanks would find acceptable. I wonder if the current effort to increase cycling participation anticipates the possibility of this kind of behavior here? Certainly if it is not acceptable for automobile drivers to text and/or use their cellphones while operating their vehicles, how could we expect any less of cyclists?