EBC Fire Plug painted by Kathy Wagner-Selbach (PIC ATTACHED)

Background Images

EBC Jersey Front and Back being modeled by two members

Elmhurst Club Jersey

Note the colorful panels and the blurred spoke effect used as a leitmotif. These jerseys have been part of the club for almost a decade now.


EBC Color Logo

Banana Man Logo

One of our local towns allows its citizens to paint a selected fire hydrant to honor an idea or group. Two of our Elmhurst Bicycle Club members painted theirs. A fellow club member sent out an email with the following inscription:

EBC Fire Plug painted by Kathy Wagner-Selbach

Kathy Wagner-Selbach painted a fire hydrant with our Bicycle Club’s mascot, the Banana Man on a Penny Farthing bike, and the rest she styled after our club riding jersey…….NICE work Kathy!!!!!!

Great job Kathy and your co-helper Betty Bond!

Update : Fresh Off The Presses!

Well you just knew it had to happen. There were some folks whose names were left out of the original post. Here are the updates:

The EBC themed fire hydrant is great!  Congratulations to the team that provided the inspiration, expertise, time, and labor that all contributed to this fine art.

Cindy Reedy chose and secured the location.

Petra Hofmann suggested the design.

Dave Reedy implemented Petra’s theme and provided the sketch.  Notice how cleverly he incorporated the Bananaman’s bicycle into the structure of the hydrant.

Betty Bond did the grunt work of preparing the “canvas” by scraping, priming, and undercoating the structure.

Kathy Wagner-Selbach executed Dave’s design with the tools of her trade:  a fine eye, steady hand, enthusiasm, and love of art.

Thanks everybody for doing your club proud!

And Yet More Updates

And as if the updates were not enough, they themselves were updated:

One small detail regarding the EBC hydrant:

It is located in Villa Park, just off the Prairie Path, near the depot at:

Park & Myrtle

Whew! But Wait There’s More!

No sooner had I put the updates to bed when I get emails from the campaign managers of both Obama and Romney wanting to set the record straight. Both candidates wrote to say:

My constituents BUILT IT! That fire plug would not be there were it not for us.

As I was finishing that bit of updating another one came in. It was a collection of religious leaders representing every faith known to man who had managed to put aside their differences long enough to issue this statement:

Thank (pick a name for the deity of your choice) for having given humankind the strength and intelligence to design fire hydrants. We just want to acknowledge this fact.

Several conservative talk radio pundits left me a line saying:

Were it not for these fire hydrants our country would be overrun by Communists and Liberals and we want to stand together in direct opposition to the continued painting of these devices. Nowhere in the Constitution does it appear that we even have the right to contemplate defacing public property.

Union members wrote to offer these sentiments:

It was a unionized laborer who installed that fire hydrant and we just want that fact known to offset the talk show hosts who won’t even admit the truth.

Finally my two cats entered my study to make known that they too had something to offer:

They have a beef to pick with fire hydrants in general as it is DOGS who keep anointing the ones near our home. CATS are far too persnickety fastidious to do that sort of thing and they just wanted everyone to know that should anything happen to the paint coats on this particular hydrant it won’t be a feline responsible.

Good night! And don’t anybody else write with anything to say about this fire hydrant. I hereby give everyone on the planet permission to claim to have been in on this production:

Everybody known to mankind is partially responsible for the painting of this one hydrant. No one should feel slighted for not having had their names mentioned directly. This is not a night at the Oscars!