The Bicycle Helmet Mirror Re-Invented

Retractable, micro-adjustable, land-fill resistant, with a minimal, all-aluminum design that will last a lifetime!

Source: Indiegogo

Why a bicycle helmet mirror?

Simply put, if you cycle on the road you need one – the ability to make a quick check on what is behind you can be a lifesaver! Unfortunately, bar-mounted mirrors are virtually useless due to vibration, making a helmet-mounted mirror that moves fluidly with you a natural solution.

What advantages does the Isoteko mirror have over what is already in the marketplace?

1. Form.


Few, if any helmet mirrors mesh well visually with contemporary bicycle helmets. The Isoteko mirror was designed to be a functional piece of art for your helmet. The classic, minimalist styling, made of CNC laser cut and machined aluminum, we believe will stand the test of time, so much so that we designed our mirror to last a lifetime and beyond! (see A Lifelong Companion below)

2. Function

a. The mirror is designed to fit on any helmet and mounts via a 1″ diameter circle of 3M VHB (very high bond) double-sided tape.

b. When properly installed a glance that takes a fraction of a second is all that is required to see what’s unfolding behind you.

c. It‘s micro adjustable. Once installed in the best position on your helmet, you can fine-tune your rear view with our mirror that articulates in the housing, just like a car or motorcycle mirror.


d. It’s retractable. Commute to your favourite trail and, in a less than a second, flip the mirror to the back of your helmet – safely out of the way of any branches. Once back on the road, it can be repositioned in front as quickly as you retracted it. This retractibility is also useful for storing the helmet, as, with mirror towards the back, the helmet is not precariously balancing on it.


e. It has a presence. Motorized traffic will see that you are aware of them and this helps to put them at ease. This results in less squirrely passes from your motorized brethren. Trust us, we’ve experienced the difference!


A Lifelong Companion

At Isoteko we’re not happy with the throwaway culture that is so prevalent in so-called developed countries. With its all-aluminum design and few moving parts we believe we have achieved our goal of a landfill-resistant product. Of course, there is a chance that you may break something on the mirror if you have a spill; so creating a conduit through which replacement parts are readily available is a high priority. Accordingly, part of the proceeds from this campaign will go to creating the Isoteko website where you will be able to buy all the parts you may need. And you can throw your wrecked parts in a recycle bin. All good really!


Why Indiegogo?

We’ve been working on this project for over a year, creating several iterations and testing them. The final prototype is now complete and we have our manufacturers in place. We need funds to do the first production run and, as mentioned, to create an Isoteko website to support the mirror and future projects. Without your help this labour of love will not see the light of day. Help us make it happen by pre-ordering and spread the word through email, Facebook, Twitter, or anyway you can. Help us to make this dream a reality!


So Who Is Isoteko?

The name Isoteko is a combination of two Finnish words, roughly translating togreat achievement. Greg Maxwell and Richard Seck formed the business partnership over a year ago. They were aided by Richard’s Finnish mother who helped them arrive at the optimistic name that had an available .com address. 🙂

Greg has over twenty years experience in the CNC programing world and is a wildly enthusiastic cyclist, so much so that he recently stopped using four wheeled transport all together. And this is in Winnipeg, the coldest major city in the world!


Richard recently returned to Canada after working in Asia as an Assistant Professor of product and graphic design. He also has over twenty years experience in his respective fields. He’s been more of a motorcycle enthusiast but Greg is doing a good job of pulling him over to the world of bicycles.


How Did This Idea Evolve?

Greg, being a cycle commuter for many years, long ago realized that a helmet-mounted mirror was the way to go. He had been using a classic homemade wire and mirror design for years. Trouble is, it didn’t quite match the high tech cycling kit that he’s acquired in recent years so, with nothing appealing available in the marketplace, he designed his own. It was around this time that his now-business partner, Richard resurfaced in Winnipeg. As they both saw the potential of taking this idea to the marketplace, they put their heads together and refined the mirror through several iterations to arrive at what you see here today.


If I Order It, When Will I Get It?

If our campaign is successful, we are hoping to ship within eight weeks, so that means before the winter holidays if all goes to plan. We have our suppliers in place and everything is good to go. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on the progress.


“I’m in Albuquerque; Can I Come To The Winnipeg Party?”

Sure you can! That’s the idea, but we’re not paying for your ticket. 🙂 Winnipeg is not exactly known as a vacation hotspot, particularly in winter when we plan to have our party. Truly though, it is a gem and the historic Exchange District is one of the best places to begin exploring the cultural capital of the Canadian Prairies. We want to encourage as many people as possible to come and discover Winnipeg’s countless hidden treasures. Ultimately, we just want to give something back to city and province where we were born, and the place we call home. And we really want a good excuse for a rawkin’ party with like-minded people!