Snowy Egrets and Blue Herons Ride Along The Fox River


Fisherman and Egret Hunting Luncheon

The Fox River Trail section between Batavia and St. Charles was rich with snow egrets today. We spotted nearly a dozen or more and toss into this number a couple of Blue Herons and it was a delightful day both weather wise and in terms of birds seen.

The river itself is still well blow its normal height and as a result many of the anglers are walking out onto what would have been wetlands or even river bottom to get a better angle on their prey. One angler just south of Island Park was standing on such a spit of land with his dog. He actually brought in several small fish as I stood and watched.

The island itself is sealed with a chain link fence to allow repairs of the buildings on its main section. Traffic from the trail was redirected along a street to the west and it was then allowed to recross the river to the east side to continue. When we reached St. Charles we visited the Mount St. Mary’s Park where there is a perpetual statue garden available for viewing.

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Then we crossed over to the Piano Factory Bridge and toured all the new shops in the area. They have done a wonderful job of sprucing up the downtown area near the famous Hotel Baker. Just to the east of the Hotel is a Starbucks. We sat outside and drank orange juice and at scones.

Afterwards we rode the east side of the river past the Batavia Windmill back into the downtown area. We crossed the bridge and stowed our bikes at the van. Then it was over to El Grande Burrito for a late luncheon before heading home.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 12.3 miles
Time: 1h 28m 57s