Open Streets (Chicago Loop) Toodle 2012


Connie waits to cross the intersection at the Open Streets Loop activity.

The air this AM was a bit bracing for this time of year. Nevertheless State Street was full of folks who were eager to find out what was happening today. Lots of visitors were puzzled at the goings on and others were simply delighted.

We got a chance to meet Pinky and her mom as they happened upon the scene. Pinky was a bit nervous in her doggie belly pouch but she was brave enough to allow me to grab a photo. Anne Alt was just arriving from the Metra station on her nifty Dahon folder. She was gracious enough to allow me a photo and even returned the favor of us. Anne has a nice stable of bikes which she rides faithfully just about everywhere.

As a matter of fact we came across a couple who were riding to the event. She was on his Giant folder which looked a great deal like a Dahon. He said it was his most versatile bike. He called it his “clown” bike. I assumed he used it to perform acrobatics of some sort in costume?

“One never knows, do one?”

The Active Transportation Alliance dunk tank area was crowded with onlookers eager to see the volunteers take a soaking. Ron Buhrke looked on from just behind the tank. Another ATA worker was manning the megaphone. We got to see at least two splashing but were unfortunate enough not to have caught either on video. Bummer!

Kids were out “painting” the ground in chalk. Others were engaged in hula hooping which for me is a strange thing to see. My generation was the one to bring this toy into original popularity. So it is a bit of a “time warp thing” when I see a toddler using one today. Adults were along the other side of the street playing a game I have never witnessed until today. I assume it is a variant of dodge ball or something to that effect.

Skateboarders, DePaul Girls Basketball team members and the school band were all on hand to entertain the onlookers. I though the entire scene was a bit more sparse than last year. Connie said it was simply because it was more spread out. Cannot say for certain. But I expect next Sunday in Wicker Park to be a much more active scene.

So having gotten about as many images as I wanted we headed up to Native Foods Cafe for luncheon before coming back to the van.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 12.7 miles
Time: 1h 45m 11s


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