Ozaukee Interurban Trail Ride : Cedarburg to Port Washington and Back


Crossing the New Ozaukee Interurban Trail Bridge Into Port Washington

We drove up to Cedarburg, WI to ride the Ozaukee Interurban Trail that takes you into Port Washington. While getting the bikes out of the van I noticed that my rear wheel (which flatted a couple of weeks ago in Sharon, WI) was flat again. Bummer!

So after deciding perhaps to spend the time to fix the flat I finally got the wheel off and rather than patch it again I simply swapped out the innertube with a promise to take a closer look at the innertube at home.

A friend of ours (Doug) was just pulling into the parking lot from his ride up to the Port Washington area earlier. We chatted a while and he spent time looking over the work I was doing trying to get the wheel back on and properly centered. Finally done we said goodbye to him and headed over the public washrooms. My hands were filthy and needed a good scrubbing.

Out on the trail it was good to have gotten back to this area. This is a nice trail and it has an uncanny way of making you think that it is heading uphill in both directions. Actually there are several ridge lines that it crosses and they produce the change in elevation. The bridge that was placed over the highway is still looking quite nice. A couple of guys pass us. One is in very bright orange cycling shoes! I hope he got a very good deal on them.

We pulled into Port Washington and headed over to the Dockside Deli. It was about to close (a bit early). Evidently one of the employees had been out swimming in the waters just outside the dock and drowned. Sad story. They were kind enough to make us a couple of sandwiches and then closed the place for the day. We sat outside enjoying the food and hoping that the family whose member was gone was finding the courage to press on.

A number of motorcycle couples were pulling into the parking lot looking for food as we left. Back on the trail we made a quick pit stop at the fish cleaning station a half mile up the road. Then it was time to enjoy the climb up to the bridge and then down into Grafton. It took a lot less time to cover that distance than I thought it might. Before long we were pulling back into Cedarburg where I stopped a minute to adjust my rear brakes. It seems that my earlier adjustment of them (following the re-insertion of my wheel) had been faulty. A couple of turns of the adjustment screws and all was well.

Now it was time to head back home in the dark to get some sleep.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 20.1 miles
Time: 2h 20m 32s