Using : Modern Tribe’s WordPress Events Calendar Plugin


Look along ride side of HOME page to find ADMINISTRATION area in order to REGISTER.

If you have a club website using the WordPress platform there are several options that may be of interest to you. Modern Tribe has a plug-in product that is quite powerful and adaptable. The basic plug-in is FREE to anyone who wishes to download and install it. This plug-in is named :

  • Events Calendar – The Events Calendar plugin is a powerful events management framework for WordPress. This is a FREE plugin on the open source repository. Explore this page for screenshots and a list of features. Want to sell tickets, manage conference schedules, accept user submitted events automatically and more? Check out the available premium and community add-ons.

I have purchased two additional add-ons to provide the functionality you will see on this site. They are:

  • Events Calendar PRO – The Events Calendar PRO is a paid Add-On to our open source WordPress plugin The Events Calendar. PRO offers a whole host of event management features including recurring events, custom event attributes, saved venues & organizers, venue pages, advanced event admin & lots more. Got questions? Read the FAQ or Ask on the Forum.
  • Community Events – What’s better than throwing a party? Having someone else throw a party for you! Let your users make new events right on your website. Community events is a full featured plugin with a variety of user management options. You can require user accounts or allow visitors to submit without having to have an account. Want to make sure that nothing fishy is going on? Just turn on moderation! Decide if user can edit and manage their own events or simply submit. No scary form setup, just turn it on, configure a few options and off you go. To familiarize yourself with Community’s functionality, don’t forget to check out our Community Events new user primer before getting started.

The Events Calendar PRO add-on provides the ability to maintain a set of DEFAULT values for things like the Ride Leader (i.e. Organizer) and Ride Start (i.e. Venue). In addition like the Google Calendar it provides for RECURRING events. This is often quite difficult to emulate on older software calendars. But here it is a built-in feature.

The Community Events add-on allows for a set of individuals to enter their own events (rather than having to wait on the web administrator).

You can set things up so that people can enter EVENTS anonymously or via an actual account. If you choose the latter then people are able to edit their events after having originally submitted it.

Elmhurst and Downers Grove Bicycle Club Members

Downers Grove Bicycle Club members are already familiar with the WordPress environment. Currently they use an entry form to enter in their data which is then checked for accuracy and then entered into their club’s Google Calendar.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club members use a different approach. They use an entry form as well but their target calendar database is housed on their server. When a ride leader schedules a ride it is immediately posted on the club’s ride schedule page.

What Modern Tribe is offering is a blending of these two approaches:

  1. Members can either anonymously or via their website accounts schedule rides.
  2. The web administrator does not have to intervene in the actual posting of the ride. This can happen automatically or if desired the administrator can release a posted ride pending a review of the information.
  3. If the club has a group address by means of which a message can be broadcast to every member, that address can be used to notify all members of the most recent additions to the ride schedule. Otherwise notification can be limited to one or more select individuals.
  4. Club members who are viewing the calendar are given the opportunity of capturing any event in iCal format for insertion into the personal calendar of their choice.
  5. Event Calendar provides the ever popular but hard-to-find RECURRING events feature. This means that a ride leader does NOT have to enter successive events to have the same even appear for example each Monday night for the summer season. It need be entered once!
  6. Events Calendar also provides for an RSS feed of the calendar contents for those who have feed readers or simply want to gather the latest ride information without having to visit their club website. (Our RSS feed is located here.)
  7. You can review all of the features of the FREE Event Calendar plug-in here.

Register And Play

(Note: I took down the Modern Tribe Event Calendar database on this site. I had hoped to be able to give EBC and DGBC members a chance to see what a sound event calendar in the WordPress environment looked like. But having that second event calendar database was confusing for some of my users, so I removed it on 1 Sept 2012. There are working demos on the Modern Tribe site if you have an interest in examining the user interface. Enjoy!)

From the TOP NAVIGATION menu choose either of these two options.

Go ahead and create an account. You will be immediately added to the database and can then create Event Calendar records. If you see some things that are confusing do not hesitate to contact me via email.

At the right is a graphic clip of the TOP NAVIGATION menu for this site. If you select List Rides you will be taken to a page which lists the upcoming rides available. I have created at least one new ride just to have something to show.

I have added two WIDGETS to the right-hand column of the HOME page. The top one is a thumbnail calendar which reflects the events for the month displayed. The next WIDGET displays the next 10 or fewer events that are available.

If you select Add Ride you will be taken to the entry form where you can create a test ride. Enjoy!