Wisdom of John Kass (VIDEO)

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John Kass – chicagotribune.com

Urban Cyclists will find his tone insulting. So what. It is about time that someone told us the “facts of life” as they are likely to be in the future. If you want infrastructure and respect it has to be earned. That is a fact.

No amount of crying in one’s soup is going to change the fact that motorists and cyclists are always going to be vying for scare resources and guess what even in the areas of the world where cyclist participation is approaching some 50% there are conflicts between these two groups.

Cyclists are going to have to wake up to the notion that at some point they too will have to pay insurance rates and take written and on street tests the same way that motorcyclists do to get their licenses to ride their bikes. The bicycle is only a toy for kids. If you make your living on one or commute on it then it merits both serious consideration and equal taxation responsibilities. I welcome the day when that happens.