Portland bicyclist recovering after crash with car

By Emily Sinovic, KATU News Published: Aug 22, 2012 at 4:53 PM PDT

Source: KATU News

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Portland business owner and cancer survivor is recovering in a hospital two weeks after she was seriously injured when her bicycle collided with a car.

Marilyn Hayward’s family says they know she will recover physically, but they are worried she will not recover financially from over $120,000 in medical bills.

Hayward owns a bicycle shop in southeast Portland, but does not have full medical insurance. Her family told KATU News she didn’t feel like she could afford it and the insurance she does have is very limited.

“She’s been an avid cyclist and to have a small business, a bicycle business, that’s just her dream,” said Hayward’s brother in law Phil Ford.

Ford said Hayward began cycling a few years ago after she won a battle with cancer.

“After the cancer she got serious about it, especially with losing half of a lung. It just helped build her cardiovascular system up and obviously she succeeded.”

Hayward was injured in a crash on Aug. 6 in Cornelius, Ore.

“She had bleeding on her brain. Lots of bruising and a broken collar bone, cuts and bruises. She was thrown down pretty hard,” said Ford.

The driver stayed at the crash scene to help. Police did not issue any citations.

Ford said he knows Hayward will recover.

“She’ll win. She will. She just needs some financial help. She’ll take care of the physical, she and her doctors, but she needs financial help.”