Roun’ Da Manure Tour 2012


It had been six long years since we did this ride. The last time was with Jim and Lois Warax (friends from Wisconsin). Today the ride is once again alive and well and thriving. Since our last visit the number of recumbents has grown by 3 or 4 fold. I counted almost a dozen today. Dr. Duk (Terry) the proud owner of Ti-Lizzie came over chatted. He was riding his fully loaded Bacchetta Corsa today and had several buddies in tow.

We registered before taking a parking spot up the street. Then we rode back and made a final pit stop before setting out on the road. Lon Haldeman (founder of the PAC Tour and original sponsor of this ride) gave us instructions on which of the two loops we were to take first to complete our goal of 38 miles.

Long Prairie Trail Map

Our first loop was 16 miles in length and was named the Capron Loop. The markings for this were blue. It led pretty much due south to reach the Long Prairie Trail. After a brief portion of it was covered we returned to the roadway back towards Sharon, WI.

With one exception (a newly chip sealed section) the roadways were excellent and the scenery was pretty good despite an over abundance of growing corn. We spotted a yellow crop duster circling overhead as he laid down row after row of pesticide. A group of your horses and their mares greeted us along the way as well.

Back in town we wolfed down some bananas, cookies and drank some additional water before heading out on the 17 mile section called the Darien Loop.

But a few miles out of town and I developed (or at least first recognized that I had) a flat. Actually the tire was down to around 30 PSI so I figured there was a slowish leak. I removed the rear wheel while Connie headed back for the van. It turned out that rather than try and fix the flat on the road it was easier to re-inflate the tire and try to limp back into town to perhaps meet her on the way out of town. And that is what happened.

After loading my bike we decided to call it a day and headed in search of what we both needed, real food.It turns out that Taco Bell has a new vegan-friendly burrito/bowl that they have been furiously advertising on television. It is really quite good and has a nice portion size. It tastes great and I love it!

Back home I went in search of the pesky leak. Connie found it by submerging the inner tube in a sink of water. Outside I was fishing around inside the tread for the offending piece of glass. We patched the tube and re-installed the tire and wheel before giving both Ti-Rush frames a long overdue washing.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 21.6 miles
Time: 2h 11m 41s

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