Downers Grove Bicycle Club : A WordPress Site

Using WordPress™ Has Its Benefits

WordPress™ has been around for quite a while as a website tool. It offers among its many notable features:

  • Plug-ins– Small apps which can expanded the capabilities of your site. For example you can find a plug-in that:
    • creates a contact form
    • allows you to manage an online forum
    • display information from your Google Calendar
    • provide an online store for selling club clothing items
    • and much more…
  • Themes – A collection of files that transforms the “look and feel” of you site in minutes. The Downers Grove Bicycle Club website uses the “Hybrid 1.0” theme. This web site (at the time of this writing is using a theme titled “WP-Bold”. WP-Bold is a Responsive theme which means that it automatically adjusts its display to fit the size of the device you are viewing it on. That means it adjusts to fit your iPhone or iPad screen and can further adjust itself for viewing on your laptop 15-inch screen.
  • SEO – Or search engine optimization is the method by which you coax Google and other such search engines to position your site as close to the top of any search query as possible. WordPress has one of the better plug-in SEO option available.
  • Gallery – Getting your club members to view images made during group rides is easy when you have a rafter of gallery plug-ins at your disposal. NextGen Gallery is a great example of how you could provide a collection of images for your viewers that can be viewed individually or as part of a nifty slide show.
  • Videos – In addition to still images these days video clips are highly sought after because of their “immediacy”. Using storage tools like YouTube™ or Vimeo™ you can easily display an entire page of only one video for your viewers. There are even plug-ins that automatically display videos when a URL is encountered.
  • Polls – You can provide your visitors everything from simple single question polls to one which are in-depth. Knowing what your membership thinks is important.
  • Roles – Maintaining content for your WordPress website is easy because you can assign various roles to those who are registered. Some are able merely to view private entries that are not available to the general public (e.g. membership lists or other sensitive materials). Still others allow you to have individuals serve as contributors and even editors of content. This helps to unburden any single individual from doing all the work.
  • Content Formatting – WordPress allows not only the entry of text but the inclusion of photos and videos inside your content. You can change the weight of characters to add emphasis or even their color. You can resize images automatically and determine whether they appear to the right or left of paragraphs on the screen. Or even have them centered all by themselves. You can even add important captions and acknowledgements that are part of the image area.
  • Related Input – WordPress has plug-ins that use the SEO information to tie entries together in “other related posts” lists. This makes it possible for your viewers to find additional items of interest without having to do lengthy searches.

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