Whalon Lake Loop Toodle


Whalon Lake Loop Ride Luncheon Stop at Chipotle in Downtown Naperville, IL

This is allergy season for me so I wrote “under protest” or at least my left ear canal did. It is painful to ride in this condition but nevertheless you climb on the bike when you can tolerate it and enjoy the scenery. Although I must admit that it helps to have never ridden the trail you are riding under these conditions. The newness of your surroundings helps you forget about the discomfort.

We enjoyed a vegetarian bowl at the Chipotle across from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore before heading back along the trail to the south and Whalon Lake. Beautiful temperatures and plenty of sunshine! Actually a great day to be out riding.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 18.1 miles
Time: 1h 54m 08s