Urban Farms Tour 2012


Kathy Schubert of the Chicago Cycling Club put together an interesting ride this past month. She is highlighting sustainable agricultural sites in the city. These places grow their produce and in some instances it is sold to commercial restaurants. In other instances the farming is done for the benefit of low-income residents in those areas where fresh produce is unavailable at a distance that makes it possible for seniors and parents without personal transportation to travel to buy good food. These are sometimes referred to as food deserts and they are more prevalent than you might imagine.

The PDF above is the route cue sheet from today. At each stop a docent came out to talk with the group. We were presented with valuable information about the operations that are in place and their plans for the future. At the last of the food farms called The Plant we were treated to a wonderful vegetarian meal and the cost was $5 per person! The Plant is just west of the historical Chicago Stockyards site and is well worth the trip. Lots of folks appear to be coming from all over the city and suburbs to enjoy this wonderful place!

I would be remiss if I did not thank Kathy for having put on this ride. Lots of times you tour places and see things that are interesting. But this was a tour with a big heaping slice of inspiration as well. Sustainable agriculture is possible and thriving. Let’s hope that we can keep the trend upward.

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Distance: 23.2 miles
Time: 2h 43m 28s

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