Village Grind Toodle


Village Grind in Oswego, IL

When I got out of the van at the Batavia Municipal Parking Lot it was hot. I would venture a guess that the temperatures along the Fox River today were in the low 90s. But after getting underway it was nice to ride the west side of the river where the shade is plentiful. The water park just south of downtown Batavia was packed with waders!

Heading south we made good time as we approached downtown Aurora. Just along the river lay the Puerto Rican Day rally. The stage was filled with bands blasting out rock music and the booths in the fenced off area were full of flags and colorful clothing all designed around the flag of Puerto Rico.

Then it was on to the section of the Fox River Trail that lies south of the Virgil Gilman Trail. Getting onto the trail is a bit tricky on a recumbent owing to the rather steep ramp from Serta Street. But we made it easily enough and encountered a mom with a couple of her kids. The older one a girl was riding her shiny two-wheeler with pink streamers!

Then it was across the river on the wooden bridge and down the ramp on the eastern side of the river. By the time we reached the RiverView Restaurant we were enjoying the cooler air. A couple of recumbent riders were venturing across the roadway onto the trail and we waved as we passed.

Connie picked up the pace a bit and we made even better time all the way into downtown Oswego. We got a couple of sparkling sodas and muffins and enjoyed them on the bench just outside the shoppe. Across the street a fellow had arrived with a 1937 Chevy Sedan in dark blue. It was gorgeous!

Before leaving town Connie made some images of the front of the bike shop across the street and the Chevy. Then we headed back out to the trail and rode a bit more sedately back to the van in Batavia. I noted along the way this time that both of the dams along the river were still creating a waterfall but it was much less than usual.

We also spotted a few blue herons and snowy egrets trying to capture a bit of luncheon in the very shallow waters of the river. Back in Batavia we decided to stop for luncheon at El Taco Grande and dined on Guacamole Burritos and fretted brewed ice tea. Yummy! Then it was home to relax before tomorrow’s ride.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 28.0 miles
Time: 3h 03m 24s