Pedestrian versus Cyclist Collisions


Pedestrian and bicycle collisions are not as rare as one might think. What follows is the final crash data from 2003-2010 for pedestrian and bicycle collisions in northeastern Illinois:

You can find the remainder of the source data for other kinds of crashes here:

Published on Jun 10, 2011 by taypet21

Not one of my greatest cycling moments when I hit this poor girl when she turns into my path without looking, had I been riding slower this might not had happened.

Published on Jun 10, 2013
I would usually encourage anyone to cycle…

…But, frankly, I’d rather this clown caught the bus!

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by SonofthewindsInc

On my evening cruise came across this cycling Accident at Piccadilly Circus around 18.20 I think? I learnt the accident was caused as a result of a Pedestrian who J walked causing the cyclist to break hard to avoid impact. As a result the cyclist crashed, damed his bike and sustained injuries. I wanted to go up to the cyclist to ask but thought it might not be wise.
Traffic Droid Cycling Stories

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Cyclists view rideing the wrong way down a street, when suddenly a pedestrian steps out in front of him.

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pedestrian runs with traffic red light into cyclist.