Chicago Match Cup Race Ride 2012


Waiting for the next heat to begin.

Chicago’s Match Cup Race Weekend ended today. This is a version of the America’s Cup Race for the NASCAR crowd. You get to see 28 foot boats (versus the 70 footers of the America’s Cup) and the action takes place right in front of you (i.e. just off the end of the Navy Pier). If you ever come approach the pier from the northern side of the structure. This is considered the “back alley” of the structure and is where all those who wish to park enter and all the food trucks drop off their loads.

Despite the heat it was a fun day to view the boats. But before long we decided to head up to Wicker Park for luncheon. So I turned the Garmin 605 “loose” to navigate a route and we followed it more or less opting to take shadier streets than it wanted. But we reached the restaurant safely and in good time. We actually ate outside because the weather by now was getting a bit cooler.

What is rather obvious these days is that there has been a noticeable influx of African-Americans into the area. It has always been a lively place to people watch and it is become that to an ever increasing degree.

After dining we made our way back to the Taylor Street Starbucks using our usual route. It was relatively cool and uneventful. Then it was back to the van and off to find some Five Fruit Frenzies from the local Jamba Juice.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 18.4 Miles
Time: 2h 35m 53s