The Spokebug


Product Design project in Chicago, IL by Toynbee Carriage Co


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Hello! My name is Carl Boyd, and I’m the inventor/designer of the Spokebug, a clever device that is easy to attach to the front fork of your bike. It engages with a flick of the finger, grabbing a spoke, which prevents the front wheel from moving, thus immobilizing the whole bike.  This allows you to lean it against anything without falling down. This is pretty handy in your home or workplace – just lean it against the wall.  But the main reason I developed this was to hold your bike still and keep it from falling while you load cargo on it.

It took several tries to get it right! - Click to Enlarge

Spokebug works by simply grabbing a spoke on your front wheel, and immobilizing the wheel. This prevents the common problem of the handlebar twisting and then the bike falling.
The device weighs a mere 4 grams (less than a house key), so it’s a great alternative to a kickstand for road and fixed-gear bikes.

You attach Spokebug to the front fork of your bike with the provided releasable zip-tie. It’s designed to fit forks from 24mm wide to 38mm wide (that covers nearly all conventional bikes). And because the zip-tie is releasable, you can adjust it, or take it off and put it on another bike.