Jewish-Muslim Ride 2012


Connie is interviewed by the Chicago Tribune

A good deal of planning went into making this ride happen. A group was gathered together with a common mission to find a way for folks of both Jewish and Muslim faiths to enjoy a wonderful bicycle ride:


The Jewish-Muslim Community Building Initiative, (JMCBI) is partnering with The Chainlink to bring you a special interfaith experience. Join Jewish and Muslim friends for a tour by bicycle of some of Chicago’s mosques and synagogues.

Everyone is invited!

On Sunday, July 8, Jews, Muslims, and all interested others will saddle-up for a leisurely group bike ride around Chicago.  Along the route, riders will stop together at significant community landmarks like synagogues and mosques. This ride is an opportunity to spend an afternoon sharing the simple, universal joy of riding a bicycle. People and families of all ages and abilities are welcome to join! connects people in Chicagoland through bicycling. Supporting hundreds of bike rides and thousands of members since 2008, The Chainlink is also a 2012 fellowship participant in PresenTense: fostering social change by igniting community entrepreneurs.

JMCBI, an initiative of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA), upholds the aim of bringing Jews and Muslims together to make a better, shared life in the Chicago area.

If you are interested in joining the planning team to create this ride, message Julie.

Following the ride a group meal was to be shared. Connie and I did not stay for the meal (we are vegan) but we did contribute to their meal monies. We figured someone who perhaps was unable to afford the $5 fee could nevertheless enjoy a meal.

The ride route took us along the North Shore of Chicago up as far as Recreation Drive and the Clock Tower. Along the way we saw various synagogues and muslim places of worship. it was a moving experience.


Cyclometer Info

Distance: 21.0 miles
Time: 2h 36m 54s