4th of July Picnic – 2012


4th of July Picnic – 2012

The 27th time is a charm they say! For as long as I can remember our block has had a 4th of July picnic at Cheryl and Judy’s home. Folks bring dishes to pass around and chairs and overhead supports to provide shade and everyone has a great time. We learned that Judy is going to Africa to hike Mount Kilamajaro. Cheryl will be following a week or so later and they will join a photo safari. Wow!

Lots of injuries have sidelined erstwhile athletes for the past year or so. Everything from back injuries to knees. But before long the inactivity will prompt them to climb back on the horse and get cracking. If you love the sport and the high you get from it, it’s very hard to stay away too long.

We have at least one teacher in the Wicker Park area who loves her job. We spend so much time there that we feel as if it is our second neighborhood. If you love colorful wall murals and outlandish fashions come to Wicker Park. And stay for a bite to eat at the Native Foods Cafe (our reason for visiting). Besides you have your choice of two very nice places to shop for bicycles in the Rapid Transit Shop and the Dutch Bicycle Shop a block south of the restaurant.

Before the festivities begin we always have a prayer led by Don our neighbor. And before that we acknowledge and oldest and youngest participants. It’s all in great fun! This as Cheryl says in a collaborative activity from the neighbors and that is what makes it so festive and memorable. Just plain folks getting together to enjoy the bounty of the past year.

After a great meal we bid our goodbyes and headed out for some ice cold Five Fruit Frenzy smoothies at Jamba Juice.