4th of July Heat


Breakfast at Starbucks

It’s the humidity, stupid. Even 100 degrees is tolerable if your lungs are not heaving. So you stay hydrated and attempt to avoid mouth breathing. And you avoid heavy meals whenever possible.

Starbucks in Cantera is a 10 mile jaunt from home. We rode the Easy Racers GRRs today and they worked well in the heat on the roadways to our destination. It (our route) was actually a patchwork of sorts. We rode through the Seven Gables Park in both directions and wound our way through Keim’s subdivisions to reach the Weisbrook Road area near the local high school.

Then it was a fairly straight shot into Cantera. There are a few climbs but nothing to really speak of. Inside the Starbucks we rested and ate oatmeal, acai toppers from the Jamba Juice next door and washed it all down with iced coffee.

A few of folks were curious about the bikes and we explained that no the fairings were not for catching bugs but rather improved their aerodynamics. One lady was sure these were beach cruisers like the ones she had ridden on her vacation. But I assured her they were a far cry from that sort of bike. One fellow riding a touring bike wanted to know if they were easier to pedal. Connie replied that in fact they are harder to pedal in hilly areas that an upright and for that reason were sometimes disappointing to folks who have been “cheating” on climbs by standing whenever possible.

We left the cool of the shop and headed back on the road armed with ice in our water bottles and energy in our bellies. It was a hot ride back but given the weather conditions (95.6°F) I would say it was a fine ride, all things considered.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 19.9 miles
Time: 1h 49m 40s

Finally given that this is a holiday I thought it might be nice to include an inspirational speech from one of Americas Leaders on the subject of Freedom.