AmphiCar Ride



So we are sitting in the car about to eat our breakfast before heading into the city when I spy a red car from my youth. It is an AmphiCar and it is in pristine condition sitting in the parking lot adjacent to the Starbucks so we drive over. No sooner had I made these images (see gallery below) than other folks spied the vehicle as well and came to look.

Having fueled up for the morning’s ride we headed into the city and parked. We got the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replicas ready and then headed over to the Museum Campus to begin our journey north to the Hollywood end of the trail.

Along Recreation Drive I spotted a boat load of rental bikes. Some of them are fairly high end (price-wise) and even the rims they had for sale were quite nice as well.

We made a pit stop at the new beach house at the northern terminus and then headed inland. I set the Garmin 605 to navigate a route to Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park and then ignored its suggestions in favor of quiet side streets with plenty of shade. Riding in this kind of heat (90° F) makes for a great deal of dry mouth and sweat generation. But if you can keep hydrated and work within your sustainable heart rate range all should be well.

At Native Foods Cafe we opted for the ChimmiChop Salad and Lemonade. Then we headed back along Wolcott Street to the UIC campus at a stately rate with as much shade riding as possible. After packing up the bikes we headed over to Jamba Juice for Five Fruit Frenzies and then hit the highway towards home.

A great ride in every respect!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 23.4 miles
Time: 2h 32m 43s