What Will Be The Impact?

The transportation bill took a very big hit last evening. LIB sent out the message shown below:

Bike The Drive

Sometimes you don’t know how good you have things until they’re gone. A few responses from ChainLink folks on the proposed Lakefront Trail Flyover:

Reply by Daniel G 1 hour ago

People are going to look at the Flyover once construction begins and assume that Chicago cyclists must already have the greatest biking conditions in the world if we can afford to toss sixty million at elevated lakefront tourist showpieces. Opposition to “real” bike infrastructure projects will only increase as LSD motorists are inconvenienced by the Flyover’s construction. I don’t think this will be good for Chicago cycling, at all. Fight it? I don’t know, what good would it do. No more money for bike lanes, we spent it all on the Lakefront trail because that’s where the rich Japanese tourists like to ride.

Reply by Mollie 1 hour ago

Will there not be a public hearing on this?  Completely agreed that something needs to be done around Navy Pier, but $45 million on that short of a stretch is crazy (especially when another city completely redesigned its system for a little more) when there are so many other bad spots, potholes, lack of bike lanes, etc.

There is a certain amount of angst over spending for not only trails but streets as well. Here are some responses to changes that were not well received:

Posted by Gopher Biker

The northwest side of Elston by Riverfront Plaza has turned into a nightmare with the recently re-striped and reconfigured bike lanes and center turning lane. Going southeast toward downtown isn’t bad, especially since they moved the bike lane away from the curb, but headed northwest is insane with one lane of auto traffic, cars in the bike lane trying to merge into the now single lane of car traffic, cars pulling out of the Plaza, cars turning into the Plaza – they made a bad situation even worse. IMO.

Reply by in it to win it on June 14, 2011 at 7:36pm

I was driving North on that stretch Saturday or Sunday.  Couldn’t figure out what the clusterf**k was until I saw the striping truck and saw all cars were pushed into one lane.  Agreed, it was a bad situation; agreed, it is worse (for all kinds of traffic)!

States are expecting some reduced amounts of funding for possible use on cycling infrastructure. But now the considerations for the use of those funds for cycling has to compete with the needs of automobiles. But aside from these concerns are the ones that affect the agencies that lobby on behalf of bicyclists for these funds. The rides that they put on here in Chicago each season are going to be even more important to their bottom lines.

The Chicago Cycling Community needs to pull together even more so now. It needs to speak with one voice that signals to those who read the words uttered by average cyclists in urban areas, that we are appreciative of the monies that come our way and we are unified in our approach to its use. Failing that those who think of cycling monies as merely “frivolous spending” will prevail.