Lakefront Trail Toodle


Among the Tall Legs

Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Companion) is regaling the crowds at Ravinia tonight. It is good to hear his voice and listen to the songs. We listened as we drove home from our ride today.

At least two Elmhurst Bicycle Club riders were scheduled for the Chicago area today. One was to the Sweet Maple restaurant and the other was heading into Lincoln Park and then riding down the Lakefront Trail in search of things to see and do. We did not arrive until much later and both rides were probably done by then.

Nevertheless we headed over the bridge on Roosevelt Road to the sculpture garden along Michigan Avenue and then crossed the overpass heading into the Museum Campus area. A quick look around the Shedd Aquarium before reading the 31st Street Harbor and its art installation. We lingered a while looking out at the harbor and the lake before heading further south to the South Shore Cultural Center. It turns out that you can park as cheaply there are you might at the UIC location and you have the added benefit of quick and easy access to bathrooms.

Our journey back to the car was past the area where it appears a controlled burn was done before installing new sod and eventually perhaps new trees. They have even landscaped the area into rolling hills that look almost like a Scottish golf course. Very neat! Some of the folks on the ChainLink having perhaps never seen a controlled burn mistook it for something they decided had to be the actions of either a vandal or careless picnicker. But alas it was merely action taken as it is yearly done here in the suburbs to reduce the low lying vegetation to charred ash before allowing it to be replanted into a thriving green prairie.

One would have to observe that even the smug suburb-hating hipsters are slowly turning into adults with passionate likes and bigotries not unlike those of their parents. The Good Lord must chuckle at each successive generation thinking that it will never succumb to the biases and smugness of the generations that preceded. But that will never happen. There is a group of these fellows and gals visiting Blackwell Forest Preserve tonight. Despite the haze of drunkeness with ale that they will have entered following their visit to Two Brothers it is possible that someone might notice that the prairies there and over at Herrick Lake and even further east the Morton Arboretum undergo such burns on a regular basis.

One wag in the thread offered that the multi-colored trees were an eye-sore. I had to laugh at this. After all every time I ride a Critical Mass or visit Bucktown or Wicker Park I get to see folks who earlobes are distended to the point that I could literally a quarter or perhaps even a silver dollar through them. Some come with wire ornaments strung through their noses and tongues. And you sometimes have to wonder why anyone would get tattoos over nearly 90 percent of the visible surfaces of their bodies. And then to have this kind of person tell you that an art installation is an eye-sore makes you wonder aloud whether their sense of taste is only in their mouths.

Mind you I tolerate every tattoo and piercing without comment. I simply understand that not everyone has the same sensibilities. But it is far better that the pot not call the kettle black. So I would caution my hipster friends on ChainLink to ponder a bit on what is an eye-sore and what is not.

(Note: This is what passes as acceptable with this crowd. Walk through the images using the NEXT button if you care to…)

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Distance: 22.5 miles
Time: 2h 31m 07s