Father’s Day Ride 2012


Rev. Lloyd Fesmire

The rain last night was a godsend. Not only did it moderate the temperatures today but it cleansed the air and watered the very dry and parched soil here in Illinois. But it is what cleansed air does to photographs that is really remarkable. You can see detail in far away buildings that only a week ago were glaring and uninteresting.

We rode today to the corner of State and Adams to view the Color Jam installation located at that site. This is somewhat in homage to Christo. The colors are vivid. But frankly only those who understand that this is an installation are probably going to stop and wonder.

There were a fair number of photographers walking the four corners of the intersection so at least the word about this location has gotten out. From there we made our way over to the Art Institute. The current gallery showing is a retrospective of Roy Lichtenstein. But it was the garden to the south of the main entrance that was my next destination.

There is a very wonderful sculpture/fountain at this location. I found an art student sitting under the trees and drawing the fountain. The canopy of leaves is quite delicate and worth the effort to visit. There is a spray fountain close to the street that everyone sees from the Michigan Avenue walkway. But the really nice fountain is the one of the Great Lakes.

William Vann Jr. – 2003

We took a circuitous route to the 31st Street Harbor where we stopped for a brief moment to use their bathrooms before heading back into the Loop and then northwest to Native Foods Cafe. I would strongly suggest that you stop by this newly renovated harbor to see its art installations. They are quite nice and very colorful.

We enjoyed salads at the restaurant and watched the people walking by along Milwaukee Avenue. You cannot get bored in the Wicker Park area when it comes to people watching. Then it was back on the bikes and a gentle ride back to the UIC campus. At Division Street we were greeted by a long lost neighbor of ours. He and his wife were visiting her son just up the street from the intersection of Division and Wolcott. We stopped and chatted a bit. He is a longtime distance cyclist and runner. But he said that a few years back he had a heart attack. How ironic! The Great American Diet is clearly a challenge to the Great American Dad. Either you suffer heart problems or strokes or dementia but fatty foods have a way of hampering the circulatory system and problems ensue.

Back at the van we loaded up the bikes and headed off for some Jamba Juice Five Fruit Frenzies. The home to clean off the bikes (having ridden them for nearly a month without any maintenance) and take down the Gold Rush Replicas and store the Tour Easys.

Here is wishing those of you with living fathers a great day and fond memories for the rest of us. Cheers!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 19.4 miles
Time: 2h 41m 24s



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