Creative Mobility Special Needs Demo Toodle at Northerly Island



Cycles of Life

Creative Mobility puts on several all-day bike and trike demos for special needs riders. Today one was held at Northerly Island just across from Soldiers Field Stadium. The Northerly Island Park is what used to be Meigs Airfield “back in the day”. Now it serves as a park with sculpture and wildlife stations for birds and other small animals.

Several families were there trying out bikes and trikes for their loved ones. Everyone seemed to be having a very good time and it was nice to see that even a blind girl could ride a trike with the assistance of her brother. She also rode the stoker position on a tandem that her brother captained.

Each rider had the option of taking the bicycle of their dreams out onto either the Chicago Lakefront Trail or more realistically they could enter the Northerly Island Trail area and ride around for hours if they chose to do so. Afterwards they came back with questions about each bike or requests to trim or adjust the controls on the bikes.

At least two of the riders had suffered either strokes or were unable to walk. Both were quite proficient on their bikes. One gentleman rode a trike around for quite awhile before I ascertained that his right hand was missing altogether. There were only two finger jutting from his elbow area. But it seemed not to bother his control of the trike one whit.

After spending time talking to the folks we hit the trail ourselves and went in search of luncheon at Native Foods Cafe. Following which we headed back to the van and home.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 15.6 miles
Time: 2h 02m 47s