El Taco Grande Visit – Memorial Day 2012


Enjoying a Memorial Day Meal at El Taco Grande

Well if you don’t visit a place here in the western suburbs of Chicago for a month or more you are likely to arrive with it all changed without you even being aware. So when we arrived at the El Taco Grande corner in Geneva, Il it was pure astonishment to see the entire street and most of the patio simply gone!

Despite themselves even the Republicans of Kane County understand that you can only stand on your distaste of stimulus money from the federal and state governments for so long. And then you have to seize the chance to use the money before it evaporates. And that is exactly what has happened here.

Geneva is turning the street along which El Taco Grande sits into something of a downtown restaurant district. And by the look of things in the architectural drawings it should be quite nice when the dust finally settles this coming October.

We got to have a long chat with the owner and heard all about the planning and city involvement and things are really looking up. But for the time being if you are looking for a good authentic Mexican meal in the city of Geneva you need look no further than the establish which for 21 years has graced this street and served up very fine meals. We have enjoyed it many an afternoon following a tour of the Fox River Trail.