Bike The Drive 2012


Final Climb of the Ride

We rose at 4:30 AM and drove into the city to participant in Bike The Drive 2012 with some 20,000 other avid cyclists. Actually a fair number were families with children and older folks who are intent upon staying active. We saw our neighbor Cheryl with her cycling buddy as we were departing the Museum of Science and Industry rest stop. Anne Alt and Kathy Schubert were active as road repair volunteers. Chris from the Chainlink came riding past in his trike as we were heading southbound towards the MSI rest stop. All in all we spotted quite a few folks we knew and some nearly dozen Easy Racers bikes were in attendance along with scads of other recumbents of all sorts.

We average some 12.6 mph for the LSD segment of our ride before we turned off and headed for an early luncheon at Native Foods Cafe. The toddling through the park at the end of the ride was to search out the t-shirt options from previous years that were broadcast as we were leaving for the southern end of the ride. By the time we had completed the northern leg we were trying to kill a bit of time before going to luncheon so we stopped and viewed most of the booths.

After returning from luncheon we made a last stop at the local Jamba Juice along Halsted and got two giant smoothies to drink on the way home. It was clearly a hot day for everyone. We spotted a few ambulance arrivals taking folks away that probably had succumbed to the heat. But the wind helped mediate the heat and that made for a very nice day!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 42.0 miles
Time: 3h 49m 25s