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Michael and Mary Orton

A journey into flowing imagery featuring my latest work

The technique and approach used to create “Freedom” is not new to me.  I have been using camera motion since I began photographing years ago.  The main difference is the fact that I left my tripod and larger camera bag behind and began working with only one body and one lens. My earlier influences were always from a more painterly approach. This time I just let go and played without any preconceptions as to what I might do with these images.  Camera motion began to evolve into compound camera motion- combining two or more movements at the same time.  Besides this, some images were made by changing focus or focal length as this compound camera motion was being used.  To me, the really exciting part, beyond being able to shape and “draw” the raw material, is the blending and mixing of colours to produce secondary colors.  In other words, I was getting colors in the final raw file that were not visible to my eye when I made the image.  Rain became a major factor in creating these images.  The reflection from  the  rain causes brilliant colors that seem almost unbelievable.  Some of the most vibrant colors were produced while working with material such as an old decaying tree stump by blending the colors together.  As you watch “Freedom”, keep this in mind, the colors you see have not been added. Only  the usual adjustments in exposure and levels etc. have been used.  With the natural landscape as a color palette, unlimited raw material  is  produced.

The soundtrack for this presentation was created using electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer and multi-track recorder .

22 minutes in length


A collection of some of my most memorable photographic moments featuring the “Orton Effect”.

“Earth Symphony” began life as a book project. Advances in technology have allowed us to now present it as it was really intended to be viewed: as  a multimedia presentation, programmed and edited to take the viewer beyond the two dimensional images and allow you to feel the sights and sounds of some of my photographic moments.  These moments are often beyond words.  They are the  seconds when  you  feel  the welling of  a mix of emotion  and excitement as  the mind processes  what  your   eyes are seeing and  your  hands set about the familiar decisions that the camera presents before the window of times closes. I have been fortunate indeed to have been given some of these moments.  I invite you to become part of it, and enjoy “Earth Symphony”.

The soundtracks for “Earth Symphony” were created specifically for this presentation using electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer and multi-track recorder.

26 minutes in length.