Lake Front Trail Ride


Kathy preps her ICE trike for a group ride

First it was off to Elmhurst to see the ICE trike bought by one of our EBC members Kathy. It’s a bright blue and very lightweight. Kathy says it rides effortlessly and is quite comfortable. The group taking off on a ride to the Old Graue Mill seemed quite interested in this new addition to the collective stables.

I said goodbye and headed off to La Rabida Children’s Hospital to park and then ride south to the South Shore Cultural Center before heading north to the turnaround at the north end of the trail.

The sun was shining and breezes cool and it all made for nearly perfect riding conditions. I spotted several recumbents (one trike and two low racers). One of the low racers riders was a female. She was as capable in the saddle as either of her male counterparts.

Stopped along the trail far north to help a lady whose tire was flat. It turned out that she had a long gash near the valve stem that simply would not yield to patching, so she was forced to walk home. Too bad. But at least she now knows that tubes can be patched and that she is going to consult her local bike shop for a recommendation on a good pump and some inner tubes, and perhaps even a patch kit.

Twice I tried to stop and refuel alongside the trail, but the flies that hatched as a result of the rainy weekend were unbearable. So I ended up riding most of the trail without really having enough “fuel in the tank”. But I didn’t bonk so that was a good thing.

The trail restructuring near 35th street is simply marvelous! I found out that in addition to a spanking new underpass they have some really neat trees painted primary colors and sunk in cement holes. I want to come back later when the place has been completed and drink it all in.

Back at the van I stowed the bike and ate my meal ravenously. Then drove to the Starbucks at 71st and Stony Island for a venti iced Americano with a soy topper. That hit the spot and revived me even further. Drove back into the Loop to pick up Connie before heading home.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 35.8 miles
Time: 3h 39m 4s