FOS – Easter Ride 2012


Connie Rides the OPRT

Folks On Spokes Club website:

Every ride report has to have an epic moment in which the narrator and his companions surmount a personal best and ride into the sunset more than mere mortals. Well I had a flat on my ride. Or as the Brits call them “punctures”.

Last night I had dreamt of what it would feel like if I flatted on a ride where the wind was howling and the air and temperatures were raw. I got to find out.

I suppose that the tire fix took so long because it was never really obvious what had created the situation. I found a total of three glass shards embedded in the tire but none seemed to have gone all the way through.

Perhaps the patch from a previous puncture had pried up a bit around the edges and had begun to leak. But the inner tube against the lips and face revealed no source of air leak. So I simply was forced to replace the inner tube and ride on hoping that no subsequent flats occurred. None did.

At the Monee Reservoir the wind was bearable and the washrooms clean. I enjoyed a glass of Gatorade and a PB&J sandwich and afterwards a granola bar of some sort. And then it was off towards the rides end. There were of course the usual sophomoric remarks and questions from the peanut gallery of upright roadies who either despise recumbents or are at least uncomfortable around them. I suppose I have heard the question “does that thing have a motor?” more often than I could possibly remember. I usually ignore the question realizing that the quisling is usually fishing for a rise out of me and I have no interest in participating.

We stopped once more along the Old Plank Road Trail (OPRT) to adjust my seat. I had to change its recline angle while fixing the tire and was sitting too erect. Once that was done we made our way down to the eastern terminus and got off the trail at Orchard Street. It is about a mile or so to the Park Forest Village Hall from there.

I liked the route and despite the weather enjoyed the scenery and the terrain. I can honestly say that the up and downs were more numerous than those in the Wisconsin last weekend.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 33.0 miles
Time: 3h 28m 42s