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Our Native Foods Server

Elmhurst Bicycle Club canceled most of its rides this morning. I for one thought that by the time we reached Chicago I would have decided that the weather was too raw to venture out on the bikes. But as luck would have it my arthritis did not prevail and so off we rode in good spirits despite the cold.

Our first stop was just west of the UIC parking lot where I spotted some banners fluttering in the wind. I wonder if the Notre Dame Church was celebration the Ascension? At any rate the banners were quite colorful.

The a few blocks over (across the street from the Chicago Mexican Consulate I spotted a mural on the door of a Protestant Church which was hailing their dance school.

By the time we reached the Native Foods Cafe I was beginning to feel the cold in my hands, but throughout the ride (both coming and going) my knees “held up” and was I ever surprised at that. I handed off to the Manager the batch of photos I had taken of the wait staff last weekend. It was nice to learn that those pictured found them interesting.

On our way back we stopped in the courtyard of one of the UIC buildings at the same fountain we had photographed last Sunday. It looked quite a bit different in the light today. The overcast sky kept the specular highlights down a bit and the building next door was to catch my eye before we headed off again to the van.

On the way home we stopped in Little Italy and picked up hot drinks from the Starbucks across from the Drum and Monkey before heading north to Chicago Avenue along Ashland. A bit east of that intersection is the famous Hoosier Momma Pie Company. Connie went in and bought a couple of slices of some very delicious apple pie. Tomorrow the Elmhurst Bicycle Club group led by Larry Gitchell should be visiting for their slices of pie or muffins. I hope they have a very nice ride indeed.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 8.4 miles
Time: 1h 05m 57s