Experimental Images : Bullwinkle “Goes Cold Turkey” On The Gaming Scene


Bullwinkle walks away from SkyRim

Rocky and Bullwinkle have gone into therapy as they wrestle their separate “demons”. Despite the fact that Rocky is a flying squirrel he has a fear of heights. It has driven home to strong drink and worse.

Meanwhile Boris and Natashe have discovered that Bullwinkle the Moose has been a secret gamer for nearly a decade and has been unable to hold a steady job. Natashe has been trying to pry state secrets out of our friendly moose by offering him free copies of the latest gaming releases.

It has been a sad, sad day for the once proud moose who nearly gave away the secret plans to our nations underground electronic gaming vault. Realizing that he has sunk to an all-time low the once proud moose sadly walks away from his personal addiction to electronic gaming.

Thanks for the sacrifice Bullwinkle.