Experimental Images : Pedal Tavern


The Pedal Tavern

First of all you must remember this is an image of a bicycle taken in Milwaukee, WI. Normally good Christians would “never smoke or drink or go out with girls that do”. But like New Orleans (where debauchery is allowed even among the faithful) and South Carolina (where smoking is a rite of passage ’cause it keeps the economy going) , Milwaukee Believers understand the fact that beer and bicycles keep their parishioners from being insolvent, so because Milwaukee is the Beer Capitol of the Planet, a pedal tavern is the perfect blend of these two major industries here in Wisconsin.

This after all is the home of Trek Bicycles and the birthplace of all of the major brands that Baby Boomers and their grandparents learned to imbibe.

Technical Issues

My wife Connie made the image with a Nikon 1 V1 shooting in RAW mode with an SB-N5 flash unit. The image was initially processed in Adobe Lightroom 4. I then brought the image into Photoshop where a minor bit of adjustment was done to the brightness and contrast to get it ready for the posterization treatment. It looked fine at this stage so I decided not to add any additional layers of adjustments.