Experimental Images : Mark Sells A Bicycle


Mark Ariens with a customer.

It is bicycle riding season again here in the Midwest. Mark is a salesperson at an annual bicycle sales festival in the Milwaukee, WI area. He is talking with a gentleman who is looking to buy a bike while his wife and a friend look on.

My wife Connie took the shot using the Nikon 1 V1 with an SB-N5 flash unit attached. The building in which the image was made is a exposition center in West Allis. This particular room is probably 50,000 square feet in area. The camera does a great job merging the ambient illumination with the electronic flash in a “natural way”.

Technical Issues

This is image was created in two steps.

1 – Initial processing done in Lightroom 4.

2 – The image was handed off to Photoshop where two layers were created. The bottom layer is the original photo while the top layer gets “massaged” first into a solarized image and then the find edges function is used to create the pencil-like drawing look. Finally this entire layer is given a reveal all style and paint is applied over those areas where we wish to erase the pencil-like drawing to reveal portions of the bottom layer.

Because the bicycle cabling and other things like cranksets are so intricate in shape this one took nearly an hour to carefully paint over. I could and probably should have pulled out my Wacom Intuous tablet but instead I tried doing it all with my mouse. If you are new to this technique by all means use the tablet. It takes less concentration and works better with your hand muscles, unless of course your day job is brain surgeon.