Easter Sunday Toodle 2012


A Menu Board and an Outdoor Heater

There were a few glitches today. I forgot to start the GPS unit until I was about a mile or so away from the start. And then later when returning I think my cyclometer decided to go into sleep mode while I was photographing a couple of walls of murals. Oh, well! C’est la vie!

But other than that the day was quite nice despite a teensy bit of wind coming from the north and making the ride up from the south a bit more difficult. We were going to take Halsted Street north but instead went a bit east to Jefferson and rode north along its length.

Eventually I decided it was probably just as well not to venture over onto Milwaukee so we headed due west to Wood Street and used it for the remainder of our journey. The nice thing was that we got a chance to visit the Claes Oldenburg sculpture at the Harold Washington Center. I have seen a few of them in various cities here in the United States. Each is an ordinary object made hundreds of times life size and place in the public square. They are quite beautiful to look at and speak volumes about the gracefulness of ordinary objects. In Philadelphia or New York I came across his clothes pins. Hilarious and yet wonderful!

On the way back I stopped to capture some of the murals we have seen many times about a block south of the cafe. These are well drawn and painted and like others in the neighborhood are quite vibrant. Wicker Park is a beehive of creativity.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 7.9 miles
Time: 0h 55m 23s