Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo 2012


Mark Ariens talks with RANS Force 5 customer

Wheel and Sprocket held its annual Bike Expo this week. We decided to attend the Saturday session. The crowd was in a real buying mood. Nearly half the bikes that had been on the floor of the fairgrounds exposition center had already been sold by the time we had arrived some three days into the sale. In fact all of the Womens Specific Design bikes were gone!

I stood with Connie in line as she paid for her Sidi shoes and people filed past me to other registers with bikes in tow and gear in bags as if their lives depended on getting there ASAP. My guess is that the public has had a pent-up desire to splurge on something and bicycles are a feel good guilt free item to spend money on.

At any rate we spent time chatting with Mark Colliton of Bacchetta Bicycles (designer of the original RANS V-Rex). Jeff Hudzinski and Mark Ariens rounded out the sales crew in the Recumbent Bicycle area.

We left after nearly an hour on the floor and made our way back to the Hales Corners, Wheel and Sprocket store parking lot. It had been a good day to ride along the Root River Trail up to the fairgrounds exposition center and though we had to stop on the way back to don warmer clothing it was generally a very pleasant day to be on a bicycle.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 19.5 miles
Time: 2h 11m 26s