Brisk Herrick Lake Ride


Lincoln Park - REI

We drove into the city to Lincoln Park where we spent our REI seasonal rebate on new helmets and shoes for the coming riding season. This particular store of all the ones we checked had what we were looking for. Oddly enough the others were very sadly stocked. Perhaps this will change as the season wears on?

Then it was off to Native Foods Cafe for luncheon which we ordered as “carry out”. We sat in the car and ate the food and shivered a bit from the cold in the city limits. The lake effect was in evidence as it turned out to be several degrees colder there than back in DuPage County.

Next we rolled into Elijah’s Coffee Shop and ordered hot drinks and scones for dessert. Then it was over to Herrick Lake where we parked in the front section and took off along the western side of the lake to eventually reach the southern portion of the trail system. You can easily espy the backside of the Lucent Technologies building before you head back along the return circuit. We made a conscious decision to not attempt the segment that takes you over to Danada Farms. It was simply too cold to have enjoyed that ride.

At one point along the trail back Connie stopped to talk with a lady with three beagles in tow. One of the was blind and another suffering congestive heart failure. These were definitely dogs that had found a good home and were lucky to have someone who cared so deeply for them. Connie got hugs from the dogs while I was photographing a tree in the deeper section of the woods. And then we continued on towards the eastern side of the lake.

Back at the car we packed away the bikes and discovered that one item we had purchased (a new bike cable) was unnecessary. The combination lock attached to the old cable did indeed have a combination that I could locate. But we will keep the new cable in the event we ever need another.

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