Church Steeples – Processed in Aperture 3.2.3


Church Steeples

A series of church steeples that have already been posted but are now newly post processed in the most recent version of Apple’s Aperture 3.2.3. The idea behind posting them is to offer comparison with the versions rendered in Adobe Lightroom 4.

These churches are from several locations including Wheaton, IL and Chicago, IL. I am fascinated by steeples as they represent something of a unique architectural element used in few places other than houses of worship.

Protestant churches seem to favor a single steeple. Older Catholic churches often have more than one steeple or spire. It is interesting that of the two most modern buildings one is a Baptist church and the other Catholic. Both were built in the last couple of decades.

Along with cemeteries churches seem to help define the relationship people have with their worship of the Creator. Of all the things I like the most are the very things that Protestants don’t and that are the statues that are often found within and on the grounds around Catholic churches. These are very intriguing.