Centennial Trail Ride


Nesting Blue Herons

The Centennial Trail begins at the Isle Au Cache Museum on Romeo Road in Romeoville, IL. Heading a bit east of the museum you cross the street and begin your journey.

The trail itself runs about 12.5 miles all the way to Willow Springs Road. There you can jump off and visit the Speedway just north of Columbia Woods to use their bathrooms and of course purchase something to eat.

You cross several major highway intersections along the way. Actually you pass beneath them, but you do get a chance to see the automobiles high overhead and rejoice at not having to engage their traffic while riding this quiet bikeway.

There is a canal that runs alongside the trail. At one point you see a gas pipeline that crosses overhead. A bit further on you will encounter at this time of year the nest of the returning flock of migrating Blue Herons. They are tending their young just now. I would estimate that the flock consists of some 30 or more birds. Their are very majestic in form and soar gracefully overhead as the parents take turns gathering food for the nestlings.

In the Lemont area there is a  mulch sales yard. The mounds of the material are nearly 20 feet or more in height. They are sorted by color and frankly remind you of the kitchen counter of some huge giant that has poured out what are to him small piles of spices in preparation for their use in cooking a massive stew.

By the time we have returned to the van it is getting on towards 4 PM and food is of the essence. So we head off after packing up the bikes. One small point. On our return trip we came upon a tree that had been felled lying across the trail less than two miles from the museum. We had to portage over it. Evidently some of the local beavers had been busy since the morning pass through that area.

I was a bit stunned that such relatively small creatures could take down a tree that size using their teeth, but they did!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 25.9 miles
Time: 2h 43m 16s